Month: October 2014

The Maze Runner

Riding on the crest of a wave of box-office success in the USA, The Maze Runner now hurtles into multiplexes nationwide, the latest in an increasingly desperate succession
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Space Station 76

Science fiction is most often the medium of the future, looking forward to a tomorrow which may be brighter or may be troubled but will certainly be different,
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Like the unstoppable killers of innumerable horror franchises, nothing shouts “do it again!” faster than a box office return which dwarfs the original studio outlay. With takings of
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Night of the Comet

It’s not a typical apocalypse, nor was the inspiration as obvious as the inescapable cold war angst during the escalating tensions between Reagan’s America and the revolving political
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Z Nation

Do zombies eat the flesh of the dead, or only the living? Given sufficient need, will zombies even feast upon each other? Given the evidence of the pilot
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Star Wars Rebels

Most often seen as a cinematic venture, Star Wars has not always been an easy fit with television, even though the immediate successor to the global phenomenon of
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