Author: Les Anderson

The Go-Between

Sophisticated and beguiling and even more relevant than ever, appearing on Blu-ray this month in a shiny new 4K restoration as part of Studio Canal’s Vintage Classics range
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The Criminal

Currently listed under its alternate title The Concrete Jungle on IMDB, The Criminal was one of a string of features shot in the UK by American director Joseph
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Now on UK Blu-ray courtesy of Criterion is one of the most significant American films of the early 1970s and perhaps, even, of all time. Terrence Malick’s impressionistic
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Irma La Douce

Appearing on Blu-ray as part of Eureka’s Masters of Cinema range with a splash of jade green comes Billy Wilder’s 1963 farcical comedy Irma La Douce starring Shirley
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Sink the Bismarck!

Now on Blu-ray is one of the classic British war films of the postwar period, director Lewis Gilbert’s Sink the Bismarck!, a tightly-plotted fictionalised account of the Royal
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So Dark the Night

Arrow’s mining of the archives continues with this interesting confection from director Joseph H Lewis, probably best known now for the cult 1950 film Gun Crazy. Coming in
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The Quiet Earth

After many years of waiting, one of the best unsung genre films of the 1980s finally gets the release it deserves as Geoff Murphy’s modestly-budgeted but highly effective
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