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Finally receiving a long-awaited Blu-ray release comes Peter Hyams’ 1981 space western, Outland, an unjustly-neglected piece starring Sean Connery and Frances Sternhagen, the action takes place in a
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Riding high at the international box office comes Disney’s latest big-budget animated hymn to Girl Power, Moana. Eschewing their usual sources from European folk-tales, Disney have taken their
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Doctor Strange

The second film in the third phase of the the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe opens with a brand-new Marvel ident; where Captain America: Civil War signalled a huge
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Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubrick’s scorching 1957 court martial drama Paths of Glory, his third bona fide feature following the cult success of Killer’s Kiss and The Killing, makes its way
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Half Man, Half Ant, All Terror! Such is the billing for Mant!, the latest offering from King of the Killer Bs, Lawrence Woolsey as he rolls into Key
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The fear of aging and the search for the Fountain of Youth has been a staple of speculative fiction for as long as humanity has been spinning tales,
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Enemy Mine

It would be fair to say that the period from 1977 to 1986 could be considered a Golden Age for science fiction cinema, particularly for devotees of space
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The 5th Wave

At the moment, Hollywood seems to have an insatiable desire to churn out post-apocalyptic or dystopian Young Adult franchises and the latest to join the ranks is The
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