Month: May 2019

A Face in the Crowd

“People are fascinating wherever you find them.” So says KGRK roving reporter Marcia Jeffries as she enters the Tomahawk County Jail, Arkansas, the night after the 4th of
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The Isle

Lost in the mist, their ship sunk after crashing on the rocks and their thirteen missing crewmates presumed drowned, the only three survivors of the disaster are Oliver
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In the Aftermath

There are different processes in work in complex systems, the way in which they are regarded often dependent on the perspective from which they are viewed: when does
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The Wandering Earth

“Hope is a diamond, the only direction that will lead us home.” Home is a relative concept in these words drilled into the schoolchildren in the underground shelter
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Battered by what is believed to be a celestial event, the radiation blast of a nova, a pulsar or such, the deep space vessel Orka is not equipped
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