Month: May 2019

Chasing Einstein

The scientific process is built upon a series of premises, that of reproducibility of experimental results, of peer review, of publication of data, including those which do not
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Black Flowers

It was a beautiful day on the beach for Kate, Sam and their daughter Suzy, enjoying the sun and playing in the surf until the bombs dropped, mushroom
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After the Lethargy

Journalist Sara Hamilton is on a mission, investigating the conspiracy theories of internet pundit “Doctor UFO” of SpaceTV, “broadcasting the truth,” whose DVD The Tetis File speaks of
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The Big Clock

Earl Janoth is a hugely successful businessman, his publishing firm home to a slew of periodicals, among them Sportways, Styleways, Newsways and Crimeways, a man of meticulous timekeeping
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High Life

Trapped in a tin can travelling at ninety-nine per cent of the speed of light, the lives of those aboard are arrested from both the perspective of an
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What We Left Behind

Deep Space Nine never had it easy; an abandoned ore processing station orbiting the planet Bajor, beyond the protective boundaries of the United Federation of Planets and until
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