Month: March 2023


Its UK premiere disrupted by a recalcitrant subtitle font which required a new file to be transferred from Spain, delaying the film from the mid-afternoon to the late-night
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Mother Superior

Once a grand building which dominated the landscape, Rosenkreuz Manor in Semmering in Lower Austria has now fallen into sad disrepair, dark and damp with paint peeling, a
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It will be their last time together as a class before they scatter across the world with their different talents and ambitions, with all eyes on Rimas who
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A 911 call on a rainy night in September 2002, a police officer called to the Joshua Hill Cemetery in Syracuse, New York, where he finds a baby
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In the wilderness of Lapland, the sparse vegetation dotted with trees whose leaves are faded autumnal gold, a man who has forsaken the war lives alone with only
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Condor’s Nest

Argentina, 1954, nine years past the end of the war, and in a Buenos Aires café an American man reads the English language newspapers over his coffee, but
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The Middle Man

Karmack, Nowhere USA, so depressed that if things don’t improve soon they’re not even going to be able to afford to turn the streetlights on, an industrial town
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