Month: August 2023

Apocalypse Clown

An experienced clown of traditional style which to some might feel dated, Bobo’s final performance was to a unappreciative crowd upon whom he unleashed the anger of twenty
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Playing twenty questions with their son Nemo as they drive through the forest, writer Stine and journalist Teit will become accustomed to looking to within for answers over
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The Lifespan Tour

Introduced by the iconic fanfare of Richard Strauss’ Also sprach Zarathustra, synonymous with towering accomplishment and change in a science fiction setting through its use in 2001: A
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Pressure Cooker

Four medical students, Wilf Spencer, Mati Connor, Samantha Harvey and Tiffany Jenner; their challenges are inside the lecture theatre and the anatomy room, but their minds and lives
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Séance: Live

Magician and actor Sam Lupton is happy to have achieved his ambition of performing on Chambers Street in the Old Town of Edinburgh, Adam House a four-storey neo-classical
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Dancing through her daily duties, pilot Jessica Holland is a starwoman waiting in the sky to return home, tending to her plants and eating her cold noodles aboard
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The Hunger

By the time it was in the food chain it was too late to do anything about it, the infection spreading from the supermarkets through the entire population
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The Idealist

It is incumbent upon a democratic government to be open and honest with the people whom it governs, at least in so much as that does not compromise
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The Blackening

It’s a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States, Morgan and Shawn preparing their rented cabin in the woods for the arrival of their friends,
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