David Alnwick: Necromancer

David Alnwick: Necromancer poster

In the darkened downstairs vault of the Banshee Labyrinth the masked man prepares the audience by warning them that there is no god, only Necromancer, that there are games to be played, ten of them within the following hour, and rules to be obeyed, straying from the instructions resulting in banishment – or possibly worse.

Performed by David Alnwick, Necromancer has grown from his love of horror and games, growing up with Ghost Castle and Atmosfear, a tradition which dates back further to the parlour games played with Ouija boards decades before, prompting him to invent some new games of his own beginning with Skeletons in the Closet and building up to the grim entertainment which provides the title.

With participation not optional and much to do in little time, an option would be to streamline the show to present the strongest parts in their most developed forms, but expedience meaning he is unable to gently encourage his audience to cooperate Alnwick instead berates them into obedience when they are not fast enough, though faced with a particularly sluggish crowd to shepherd his frustration is understandable.

Built around feats of memory, what would be better regarded as mentalism than magic, Necromancer is repetitive as it rushes through ten demonstrations punctuated with constant unnecessary profanity instead of any inventive invective as punchlines, Alnwick a performer who obviously has ideas and ability but whose immediate challenge is to develop his material and grow as a performer.

David Alnwick: Necromancer runs at the Banshee Labyrinth until Sunday 27th August



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