Author: Adam Dworak

Assassin’s Creed

For centuries, the Templar order has fought the Assassin’s Brotherhood for control of the Apple Of Eden, a mysterious artefact of unknown origin which supposedly contains the genetic
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Blair Witch

In January 1896, Auguste and Louis Lumière presented their fifty second long Train Pulling into a Station, and if urban legend is to be believed the monochrome illusion
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One of the most successful video game franchises which includes more than a dozen video games created between 1994 and 2016 in addition to board games, card games,
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Christmas, that magical period of the year we are all waiting for, the time of joy, carols, family, forgiveness and hope. But in reality for many it’s the
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The Visit

It’s over fifteen years since the name M Night Shyamalan became synonymous with the supernatural with the release of The Sixth Sense, a reputation he strengthened with Unbreakable
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Even for those spectators who observe recent Marvel releases, expanding beyond the primary colour palette of the features which established them as a cinematic force to encompass the
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