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Power Rangers

Rose-tinted glasses. Or, in today’s parlance, “nostalgia goggles.” Call it what you will, but in an ever-increasingly technological age, where products, shows, technology itself and even jobs can
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It’s agreed upon by many psychologists and sociologists and too easily accepted that humans are inherently prejudiced. This is not to say that all societies are rampantly sexist/racist/homophobic,
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The odds of rolling a double six with two die is one in thirty six. Now compared to the astronomical odds of winning the lottery or successfully navigating
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Jurassic World

It cannot be easy in the theme park trade these days, with Alton Towers in the news for accidents more fitting of the Final Destination series, SeaWorld receiving
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When a reboot/remake/reimagining (choose your own variant of cliché) exits the Hollywood studios these days, it is a hard internal struggle to remain open-minded and judge the film
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Ex Machina

In the offices of Bluebook, programmer Caleb has won the “golden ticket” of the staff lottery, to spend a week with the owner of the software firm, the
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