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“It would be vain my attempting to tell you the horror with which, even now, I recall the occurrence of that night.” So wrote Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
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The sun rises and sets, the world turns and people age and die, but the undead persist, principal among their hierarchy the vampires: previewed at a themed costume
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The Servant

London, the cusp of what was to be the bitterly cold winter of 1962 to 1963, and Hugo Barrett arrives at the Knightsbridge address of his potential employer,
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With a typhoon moving towards the Japanese mainland, the crew of the Genyo-Maru II are caught between that immediate threat and the danger of Infant Island, irradiated and
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A disembodied head floats across a field of stars in which is suspended a planet, shadowed, lonely and barren; a lucid dreamer, open-eyed, his name is Henry Spencer,
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Dog Soldiers

The Highlands of Scotland, the serene home of mountains and forests, of glorious sunsets and clear rivers and monstrous flesh-eating midges, now become host to a squad of
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Mr. Vampire

“People are divided into good and bad. The dead are divided into corpses and vampires… Old Master Yam is a corpse that’s on the verge of becoming a
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Female Trouble

Larger than life and impossible to ignore, teenager Dawn Davenport was always destined to become the epitome of female trouble, smoking in the school toilets, eating in class,
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