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2012_prometheus teaserThis week saw the unveiling of two of the most anticipated films of recent years, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, and the first part of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit, due next June and December respectively. Released June 8th 2012, Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and Idris Elba, from a script by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof.  Originally promoted as a prequel to Alien, later statements asserted it would be an independent piece, but the trailer has confirmed that there will be very direct links to that masterpiece from 1978

We wanted to share the reactions of some of our contributors and regular visitors, and we’ll be delighted for you to add your own comments below, but I’ll remind you that we’re discussing information that has been officially released and what we see here; NO RUMOURS AND NO SPOILERS.

Michael Flett: I’m delighted that Ridley Scott has returned to science fiction after thirty years.  He’s only ever made two SF films, Alien and Blade Runner, and they are both classics, and from the look of this, it will match those if not surpass it.  The production design is fantastic, the scale looks epic, and it doesn’t look like costs were cut anywhere.  Rewatching Alien Resurrection the other night, it looks cheap, shoddy and rushed.

2012_prom cap 3This is what a major film should look like.  I also love the typeface for the title appearing in the style it did in Alien all those years ago – there may not be xenomorphs in it, but we have a space jockey and a not-so-derelict, and this is a definite prequel.  For me, forget The Hobbit and The Avengers – this is hopefully going to be the film of next year.

Adam Dworak: Oh yes, Prometheus!  I’m sure it will be a great success.  Cinemas full of people going “wow” and “oh”, but I feel bit disappointed.  Why a prequel Mr. Scott?  Why make Alien 0.5?  By expanding the story we already know, repeating locations, costumes, interior designed, etc., you are going to destroy the shroud of mystery over the Space Jockey.  Let him rest in peace!  What we cannot see what we don’t know is scarier then full knowledge of events.  Let us use our own imagination to fill the gaps in the story!  And why not make Alien 5 – you could succeed where Jeunet failed on Alien Resurection.  You started the story and you should be the one to end it.

prometheus5Les Anderson: My considered response is – Wow!

John Flett: It looks interesting.  It also looks totally unlike Alien, while still obviously being part of the same universe.  Also it’s interesting to see that of the three big trailers, Prometheus, The Hobbit and Dark Knight Rises have been quite understated, each giving a strong impression without giving away a great deal about the films.

Of course, as release dates get closer I’m sure well be given increasingly large chunks to digest but I think I’ll try to avoid too many spoilers.

prometheus3Becky Dillon: I’ll go out of curiosity, but I agree with Adam.  Why start something new when you could have continued/finished the first project, Mr Scott?

Matthew Rutland: Sorta looking forward to this, as long as its better than Alien 3 or Resurrection!  Gutted it got scaled back from an 18 rated film with a bigger budget to a soft-sell 15.  Scott couldn’t get the studio to agree the 18 rated version as it limited the audience, and it’s all about the money people!  Not Ridley’s fault.  Still, with this and the Avengers movie next summer, it will be better than this year for sure!

Geek Chocolate discussed the hopes for Prometheus here, and the final reaction to the film can be found here

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