Quitely & Millar: The Truth…?

The comic world has been all of a flutter recently with rumours of a possible dream team reunion of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The pair met for a pint on the 18th of November, sending Millarworlders into a foaming trousered frenzy.

Bleeding Cool reported the meeting the next day speculating on a Millar/Quitely title for Marvel Icon for late 2011.

Petrol was then chucked on the fire from where the smoke was coming by Miller’s promise of some Huge comic news by Thursday (25th), which was then put back to the Monday after Thanksgiving (Monday 29th.)

The two thousand odd views of the thread on Millarworld could only cogitate and agitate over the possibilities.

The pair did a joint appearance tonight at Glasgow’s excellent new graphic novel store Plan B and again Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the possible team up. A new DC imprint, a new deal with Image or a Titan backed thing. The smart money is on one of these it seems.

GEEKchocolate’s man in the know attended the soiree in Plan B tonight and spoke to both Millar and Quitely. We know the truth, straight from Frank Quitely’s mouth.

In true Millarworld style. We’ll tell you tomorrow….

…no…we couldn’t do that to you!

It seems that Mark Millar’s other half is arranging a comic book themed exhibition in London. Millar wanted to talk to Quitely about using some of his stuff, and that’s all there is to it. Unless of course, he’s keeping it all under wraps and had a cover story ready….



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