Let Me In trailer – reaction

Let Me InThe trailer for the remake of Let the Right One In – based on the book of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist – got resident GC writers Gordon Robertson and Michael ‘Pixel’ Flett in a bit of a flap when it was released. The remake is entitled Let Me In, and stars Chloe ‘Hit Girl’ Moretz.

Since our Editor, Kev, hasn’t seen (and is currently reading) the original he asked them to keep their discussion spoiler free… so read on:


Gordon: The swedish original was for me, and many others film of the year last year; and a contender for film of the decade.

Mike: Am I the only one who didn’t like the original film? I must say, I’m not thrilled by the trailer, but the original missed out so much of the book, it just made me feel I was watching half a film.

Gordon: This seems to be a common thing amongst those who read the book first. Those of us who saw the film first, or haven’t read the book, find the film enthralling.

I know a few people who read the book first and share your view. I saw the film first. Totally unaware of the book I downloaded a Swedish copy of the film because it took it’s title from a Morrissey song (Gordon is a Morrisey fanboy …he’s getting help – Kev) and there was a fair old buzz about it on the Euro arthouse scene. It took me a long time to find subtitles and I finally got to watch it 18 months or so before it hit the big screens in this country. I’ve seen it about 10 times and it never fails to get me.

Having now read the book, I know where you’re coming from. There’s one thing in particular – that we can’t mention cos Kev hasn’t seen or read it yet – is a big one. But the way the film does it works.

For me, the film is not an adaptation of the book but a different telling of the same story and on that level works. As a film in it’s own right it is a wonderful piece of work too. Atmospheric, chilling, touching and funny – and it’s got a vampire. Who’s a kid. And looks like the singer from Placebo…ok that bit’s not so cool.

Mike: I hope someone had the sense to, rather than remake Let the Right One In, do a different adaptation of the book.

Gordon: The trailer has a few shot for shot scenes lifted from the original, and what is the point of that? If the US  version does take a different track to the original then I will be delighted. I’m just not expecting to be.

Mike: I am determined to be optimistic, and let’s face it – the two kids can act.

Gordon: Yeah the kids can act, of that there is no doubt. Kick-Ass and The Road were both very good (but not great) films, but in Chloe Moretz case it may be too soon after such an iconic role as Hit Girl to be convincing in a role that will be compared to Lina Leandersson who was so good as Eli. They’re big shoes to fill.

I want to like the remake. I really do…..but…..

If nothing else at least the remake will bring the book and the original to a wider audience and that’s a good thing. Can anyone think of a US remake of a European film that even matched, let alone bettered the original?



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