Samurai Slasher Part II

SamuraiSlasheraltWhat’s better than an eighties slasher flick? An eighties slasher comic with an undead Samurai, black humour and 3D. Proper 3D, with the red and the blue glasses. Samurai Slasher Part II is an anthology of eight stories following on from the events in the first Samurai Slasher comic written by Mike Garley (Adventure Time, The Kill Screen). It continues the adventures of an almost unstoppable undead legendary Samurai warrior as he cleaves mighty vengeance through the world, and it is every bit as fun as it sounds.

In part one the Samurai Slasher hacked his way through horny teenagers, slimy showmen, and Uncle Sam’s finest. Finally however, the Samurai was defeated by the might of the American Military, and his body parts separated into different parts of the world. Surely nothing can come back from that… or can it?

SamuraiSlasher1Of course it can, it’s an unstoppable shuriken-throwing, sword-wielding spirit of vengeance and fury. Featuring returning characters from the first part, as all good sequels should, we have Kate, the only survivor of an ill-fated trip to a cabin in the woods still haunted by nightmares, and General Cristie, the man who was finally able to finally stop the last attack at the cost of most of his team but remains obsessed by the Samurai.

Introducing a whole host of new characters likely to be butchered in fun and entertaining ways, from the roller disco dudes to the cocaine snorting Tony Montana style drug dealers, Samurai Slasher Part II has a long list of characters you will enjoy seeing slashed, punched through, shrunken, burned, squashed…

Garley‘s dark humour captures the spirit of the eighties slasher flick very well SamuraiSlasher4and adds new dimensions of twisted fun. Where the first comic visited some classics of the genre such as a group of teens visiting an isolated lakeside cabin, the scenarios created for the Samurai to slash his way through in the sequel are new, very creative and allow for some particular delights such as The Samurai Slasher vs Sole Survivors Support Anonymous.

A truly entertaining romp, Samurai Slasher lies somewhere between a love letter to the genre and a burst of new life into the undead.

SamuraiSlasher3As well as Garley‘s writing each story is given its own flourish by the incredibly talented set of artists contributing; Caspar Wijngaard (LIMBO), Cian Tormey (La Citta Scura), Matt Rooke (Apes ‘n’ Capes), R.H. Stewart (Vincent Price Presents), Andy W. Clift (returning from Samurai Slasher part I, The Punisher), Chris Imber (Operation: Boom), Rachael Stott (Star Trek – IDW), and Joshua Sherwell (Dead Roots).

Samurai Slasher Part II is currently fundraising on Kickstarter and approaching its goal, clearly following on from the popularity of the first part which successfully Kickstarted in 2015. The Samurai Slasher Part II campaign offers both physical and digital copies of the previous anthology which featured the art of Andy W. Clift, Gavin Mitchell (Stiffs), Kristina Gee, Wynn Ryder (Dead Roots).




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