Some Like it Rare (Barbaque)

Sophie and Vincent Pascal, owners of the Boucherie Pascal, a small butcher’s shop which prides itself on the quality of the meat it provides but which is unable to compete with the chain stores who are less particular about their suppliers; Sophie and Vincent Pascal who despite the modest size of their store will become known nationally as “the Butchers of Melun.”

Targeted by animal extremists who smash display cases, throw blood on the walls and spray paint the windows, Vincent later recognises one of them while out in his van; stopping and reversing to confront the man, instead he accidentally knocks down and kills the man and now has to dispose of the body of the deceased herbivore.

Directed by Fabrice Eboué from a script co-written with Vincent Solignac, Some Like it Rare (Barbaque) is a generous serving of an acquired taste, Vincent (Eboué) exhausted after dismembering the body and sleeping late only to find Sophie (Marina Fois) has mistaken the remains for a fresh delivery, proceeding to slice and sell it.

“Iranian pork” a hit with their notoriously fussy clientele who appreciate the rich, clean flavour, meat is on the menu and Sophie and Vincent must establish a supply chain of freshly slaughtered vegans to meet the demand, among their satisfied customers the police officer who is investigating a rash of disappearances in the area.

Told with unapologetic bad taste, the poorly planned schemes of the couple most often see them improvising, attempting to infiltrate animal activist groups and grudgingly eating in vegan restaurants to identify targets, bickering over who might provide the most succulent cuts, serial killer documentary addict Sophie pushing her husband forwards when he is reticent to commit, yet always keeping her own hands clean.

A cannibal comedy from the home of gastronomy, conflict arises when daughter Chloé (Lisa Do Couto Texeira) brings home Lucas (Victor Meutelet) who declares “cheese is a crime against humanity,” Some Like it Rare perhaps only offering variations of the same recipe but served with flair more appetising and satisfying than Raw, mocking those on both sides of the fence with sharpened barbs and blades.

Glasgow Film Festival concluded on Sunday 13th March



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