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Blood-Red Ox

The world is on fire, and so is the on/off relationship of journalist Amir and his boyfriend Amat, invited to Bolivia by Amir’s friend Amancaya and conducted through
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Queer for Fear

Horror a broad church with a diverse congregation, it is also one of the oldest, founded on folklore and communicated through tales cautioning to be wary of everything
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Cop Secret

It’s a beautiful day on the streets of Reykjavík spoiled by another bank robbery with police officers Bússi and Klemenz following the suspect escaping on motorbike and fast
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Midnight Cowboy

Coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Criterion comes one of the greatest films of the 1960s, John Schlesinger’s award-laden Midnight Cowboy, the film that made an overnight star of
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It was in the summer of 2014 that director Mike Buonaiuto launched his campaign via the Indigogo crowdfunding platform, the £22,842 he raised for his short film project
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The Samurai

There is something disconcerting about Jakob Wolski, an enigma wrapped in an uncompromising resolve to do the right thing. A young police officer in the small town where
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