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Brazil a country of those who have everything they desire yet live in fear behind high iron gates, and those that do not, working long hours for a
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Little Bone Lodge

Beyond the snow-capped peaks and the winding roads lies a farmhouse; outside, the sheep are penned in, shivering in the bleak weather, but inside there is warmth, birthday
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See For Me

In the home she shares with her understandably protective mother Sophie has placed little cues, things to help, to allow her to cope alone, but that isn’t enough
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Mixing business and friendship can on occasion be a great success for all parties, but for property developer Lucas Hunt it has already lost him one friend, a
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The Owners

Even under the best of circumstances Nathan and Terry are not criminal masterminds, and sufficiently stoned that they could be used to build a farmhouse wall it is
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“Becky is as strong-willed and vindictive as they come.” Perhaps not a recommendation in the traditional sense, particularly from a prospective step-parent when speaking about her fiancé’s thirteen-year-old
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Don’t Breathe

Horror is the genre which is always looked down upon by the establishment, derided as being base, lowbrow, sensationalist and consciously unpleasant, yet as with the disguised social
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Just a few decades ago, it was easy to scare an audience, but with the advent of home video, in the cosy security of our homes we felt
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The Purge

The best science fiction and horror stories are those which are not actually about what they are about. Written and directed by James DeMonaco, The Purge is being
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