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Free Fire

“I just want everyone to go home happy from this deal,” Justine says. Her exterior says calm, but it’s not a calm situation. Just ask Frank, who is
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It’s difficult third film time for writer/director Neill Blomkamp, the release of his latest feature almost overshadowed by the near simultaneous announcement that he has been signed by
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From prehistoric cave paintings through the Epic of Gilgamesh and on to Harry Potter, the history of humanity is the history of storytelling, allowing communication between generations, defining
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Europa Report

The Europa One mission was the first attempt to send men and women into deep space, and the first privately funded deep space mission, a journey to Jupiter’s
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While a debut feature has the pressure of achievement, it has no pressure of external expectation. When writer/director Neill Blomkamp delivered District 9 in 2009, few knew of
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