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Shadow Kingdom

Minerva was popular among everyone who knew her but her best friend was always her smartphone, never far from her hand everywhere she went through the day and
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Pressure Cooker

Four medical students, Wilf Spencer, Mati Connor, Samantha Harvey and Tiffany Jenner; their challenges are inside the lecture theatre and the anatomy room, but their minds and lives
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The Hunger

By the time it was in the food chain it was too late to do anything about it, the infection spreading from the supermarkets through the entire population
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Darkfield’s Eulogy

Running in parallel with their similarly structured sensory experiences Coma and Séance, Darkfield’s Eulogy conducts its participants, expected guests, to their assigned booths from where they will be
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A tale of two star-crossed lovers, but which star? One doomed to go supernova? Or more immediately, “What’s your favourite planet?” That’s the question Tess poses to Harry,
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