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Thor: Ragnarok

While his two appearances with the Avengers have seen the God of Thunder function seamlessly as part of that superhero team, within the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe he
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Kong: Skull Island

Pleading for funding for an expedition to a previously uncharted island discovered by satellite photography in the Pacific Ocean, Bill Randa reasons that if the United States have
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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Published in 1975, the year Margaret Thatcher rose to leadership of the Conservative Party, High-Rise was first optioned by producer
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Crimson Peak

A once prolific director, the last decade has been a relatively quiet one for Guillermo del Toro, lured into the cul-de-sac of The Hobbit on which he invested
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Only Lovers Left Alive

With a body of work built slowly over four decades, director Jim Jarmusch has always crafted his projects carefully, flitting between genres and experimenting with formats from the
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Have so many tent pole comic book adaptations been released in the space of one summer before? If anyone is unsure of the answer, this year there are
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