The Evil Tree – Erik Hendrix

The Evil TreeErik Hendrix gives further proof that horror stories work well in comic book format with his latest release, The Evil Tree. After Daren moves out of NYC to the countryside, he invites his friends to stay for a weekend to help cheer his fiancé Misha up, who has been suffering from depression since moving away from her old life in the city.

Their arrival instigates a series of supernatural events that revolve around an old tree growing on the estate and when Misha is seemingly taken by a ghostly spirit, the others must unravel the mystery surrounding the place in order to get her back.

The story is well paced, and despite a rather large cast, we get to see each of the characters personalities fleshed out during the spooky goings on and the dialogue between them is believable.

The art, by Daniel Thollin, is simple, but delivered well in striking bold panels that capture the tension and the colouring, beautifully rendered by Anna Sällström only helps to intensify the stark dramatic atmosphere.

All in all I would recommend this to any fan of the horror genre.

The Evil Tree is released by Arcana Studio in early October

Erik Hendrix also wrote The Book, recently reviewed here




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