Voodoo Apocalypse

El Destierro in the Free and Sovereign State of Sonora at the northwest tip of Mexico, on the border of Arizona, a place to be forgotten but not so lost that the past cannot catch up with the transient population which includes former detective Charlie Vegas, now known as luchador Huracán Vargas, his duty and his orphaned goddaughter Claire abandoned Los Angeles five years before.

Sent to located and retrieve Vargas is Sergeant Rocco “White Chocolate” Fratelli who informs him that the man responsible for the death of Claire’s father has resurfaced; Lieutenant Blackman wants him back on the team and partnered with White Chocolate, but Vargas’ plan is revenge, the death of musician and drug trafficker Jimmy Vanilla.

Directed by Vasni Ramos from a script co-written with José J Ramallo and Sergio G Ramos who also play Charlie Vargas and White Chocolate, Voodoo Apocalypse (Apocalipsis Voodoo) is a grindhouse horror fantasy buddy cop movie which sees Ramos and Jorge Galván (Blackman) reprise their roles from the 2016 short Paul Kersey & White Chocolate vs the Kung Fu Robotic Mafia.

Filmed inexplicably in the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain, Voodoo Apocalypse springs from bar brawl to wrestling ring to shootout to home cooked spaghetti sauce via Haitian ceremony, Kung Fu, the obligatory training montage and the occasional musical number as the tequila flows and the bullets fly, a multicultural potluck of energy and insanity.

Packed with stock footage of seventies Los Angeles and bad rear projection, dodgy stunt doubles, terrible accents, the homoerotic rivalry of Vegas and White Chocolate and a sword “forged from the chains of a thousand freed slaves,” the crimes are many but the outrageous fashions are the only ones which deserve prosecution.

With Jimmy Vanilla (Victor Hubara) possessed by the spirit of Papa Voodoo and able to raise an army of the dead the odds are against the mismatched duo, but guided by a priest with feathered and flicked hair and the mystical owner of a Chinese takeaway, Vegas and White Chocolate might not be the team Lieutenant Blackman wants but they are all the world has if the voodoo apocalypse is to be averted.

Voodoo Apocalypse will be available on digital download from 9th November



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