Bad Clowns: Invasion

Agents Sam and Christian of the Bureau for Alien Defence have a problem: the body-hopping entity Pax the Consumer is on the loose, anyone in the immediate vicinity a potential carrier of the alien parasite intent on destruction. Worse, they are due to report to their superior officer J-1 on their progress on tracking and eliminating the threat, a debriefing which might go better had they not already lied to him about their success.

Silliness and special effects expected, the singing and dancing are added bonuses in Bad Clowns: Invasion, Christian Dart, Sam Walls and John Bond a boisterous trio who are the only buffer between humanity and the extra-terrestrial terror attempting to infiltrate the audience, their motto “The Earth Comes First” excusing any action they feel is warranted in carrying out their duty.

What could have become a single extended scene of exasperated shenanigans and a big red digital clock counting down to zero – no expense spared on props when it comes to defending the Earth! – is carried by the manic trio of overenthusiastic and underskilled agents who enlist the suspects trapped alongside them in the facility, the security systems having gone into lockdown when Windows XP crashed the mainframe because one of them was looking at alien porn.

The Billiard Room at Teviot a difficult venue to perform in, the low ceiling beams making any raised stage a hazard meaning anyone beyond the front rows has a restricted view of the action and the low monitor screen, conversely the best seats also carry the highest risk of being compromised and the subsequent brain scan – with Bad Clowns: Invasion you pays your money and you picks your peril, but whatever happens it’s better than simply letting the bomb go off.

Bad Clowns: Invasion runs at Gilded Balloon Teviot until Monday 29th August



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