Eponymous is one of those comic books that immediately punches you in the face with its stunning artwork. Beautifully rendered by Martin Simmonds, the pages ooze detail and texture with every scene. Every panel is cinematic in style, and the artist has complete control over light and shade, utilising it perfectly to express the action and emotion of the story, which is equally mastered by the writing skills of Mike Garley.

Government paranoia is abound when a young girl begins to foretell disasters happening across the globe and while testing her abilities they literally throw her into the arms of a mysterious female superhero, who as it turns out, is seemingly destined to doom the planet.

The story is fast paced, yet Mr. Garley handles the script with delicious ease as he weaves mystery and government paranoia together in an enticing plot that hints to being so much more than your typical generic superhero book. It literally leaves you wanting more.

This is a comic for everyone. Independent comic fans will love the art and depth of the storytelling while superhero book lovers will enjoy seeing such a character operating in a more realistic and cynical world.

Mike Garley was recently interviewed by Geek Chocolate here




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