Haldeman’s 1988 Forever War comic re-printed

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman is a science fiction staple and a firm favourite of the GeekChocolate staff.

The classic 1974 novel tells the story of William Mandella, a soldier in Earth’s fight against the alien Taurans (dubbed The Forever War because of the time dilation effect of faster than light travel) as he watches the decades pass him by on Earth while he ages relatively little.

It is a beautiful story, which we highly recommend.

In 1988 Haldeman worked alongside Belgian comic artist Marvano to bring The Forever War to the world of comics. Now, almost 30 years later, Titan Comics are re-releasing the 1988 adaptation, serialised and with new cover variants.

Forever War #1 hits stores and digital platforms on February 15, 2017, check out the issue #1 cover variants below, click the thumbnails to see the full image.



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