Westminsteros – UK political leaders as Game of Thrones houses

Wood_500x700If you live in the UK you’ll have to have been living in a guard post in a very high icy wall to have missed the fact that the 2015 General Election is well and truly under way.

Yes, the official election period only started a this week as Parliament was dissolved, but the chatter has been constant for months as polls put Labour and the Conservatives almost neck-and-neck but with no majority. Speculation has been rife as to who will be the Kingmakers this time around, with many eyes on Scotland’s SNP, which polls suggest is about to become the third largest party in Westminster after a post-referendum surge in popularity.

To mark the beginning of this rather unusual and – let’s be honest – quite exciting election, and to celebrate to release of Season 5 of HBO’s politically fuelled fantasy drama Game of Thrones this April 12th, design and print company Moo.com has teamed up with designer Stacie Snoddon to imagine each of the main party leaders as noble Game of Thrones Houses. Snoddon has previously produced a sigil series for each of the Game of Thrones Houses.

If these take your fancy, Moo.com are running a competition in which you could win a printed set.

Westminster meets Westeros (Westminsteros?) as the UK’s political heavyweights prepare to do battle for the very soul of the Union! Or something.

Click the preview images to see the larger version, then maximise to see full size.



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