Exit Generation

The world is overpopulated. Resources are dwindling. Before long we’re going to exhaust the planet we live on. This isn’t just part of the plot of Exit Generation, by Sam Read and Caio Olivera, it’s a worrying truth of the modern world, a truth Sam Read picks up and runs with, beginning with the evacuation of Earth for greener pastures, but the story really takes place one awesome twist and twenty years later.

The “exit generation” are the children born to the 5% of the human race left behind, and Read’s worldbuilding here is very effective in showing the society they grew up in. Far from falling into disarray, the new status quo of supply outstripping demand by several orders of magnitude has led to a more peaceful society.

At a loose end in the paradise his predecessors worked so hard to build, Jack longs for a little excitement in his life. In a classic case of “be careful what you wish for,” excitement is delivered in spades and sets up the series nicely.

Jack’s family history and relationships are fascinating, in particular his relationship with the co-lead, Mo. It’s a testament to Read’s writing that he can deliver such compelling worldbuilding without sacrificing characterisation, and he has crafted a diverse and inclusive cast, something refreshing to see in comics from indie all the way up to the big boys.

The art duties on Exit Generation are handled by Caio Olivera (No More Heroes, Super Ego, Prophet Hill), and are a thing of beauty. Never over-detailed, there’s a spaciousness to the art here that, combined with the layouts, put me in mind of Pia Guerra of Y The Last Man; being one of my favourite comics of all time, this is not a comparison I make lightly.

The diverse cast assembled by Read is expertly realised in individual detail, with the vivid colours supplied by Ruth Redmond (Avengers Assemble, Imagine Agents). Colin Bell (Jonbot Vs Martha, Detective Spacecat, Dungeon Fun) rounds out the team with the usual superb lettering that has him in high demand in the indie comics scene, and with a gorgeous cover by Ramon Villalobos (LP) this comic is a pretty package indeed.

The Exit Generation team will be at London Super Comic Con this year

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