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Best friends Dennis Dannelly and Steve Danube are paramedics, riding the back of the ambulance as they are called to emergencies around New Orleans, the latest a slumtown
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Terminator Genisys

Thirty-one years ago the cinema going public were treated to a terrifying apocalyptic vision of the future born from the fevered nightmare of director James Cameron. The “metal
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A surly stranger walks into a bar, confrontational and challenging, but the bartender finds them interesting; conversation ensues. The stranger reveals to the bartender they’re a writer who
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Project Almanac

“Time Travel. Since my first day on the job as a Starfleet captain I swore I`d never let myself get caught in one of these godforsaken paradoxes –
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12 Monkeys

Television is the ultimate time machine, it would seem; the chance not only to visit moments of the past through re-runs, but also to change the past, remould
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