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A writer and director whose work repeatedly returns to the interface of advanced science, medial intervention and innovation and the bodily horror of what are sometimes unintended side
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The Wicker Man

It was a curious missing persons case reported directly to Sergeant Neil Howie of the West Highland Constabulary, an anonymous letter stating that twelve year old Rowan Morrison
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The Dunwich Horror

The township of Dunwich, Massachusetts, lies on the rugged coast forty miles away from more prosperous Arkham where Doctor Henry Armitage is visiting the University as a guest
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Silent Running

In the early years of the 21st century Earth has arrived at an equilibrium point, with full employment and a stable environment, but there has been a cost,
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It was in 1518 that Connor MacLeod was born in the village of Glenfinnan near the banks of Loch Shiel, growing to be a man well-liked and admired
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Lost Highway

Was it by coincidence or design that David Lynch’s Lost Highway was distributed by Janus Films, their logo which opens the credits the two-faced Roman god “of transitions,
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