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Basket Case

A native of Glens Falls, New York, it is Duane Bradley’s first trip to the big city, an apparently innocent young man but one who is focused on
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Black Mask

It was not a minor undertaking, a group of operatives known as Squad 701 who “in a certain country up north” were subjected to surgery to remove their
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The Comedy Man

The curtains go down and the audience applauds, the names forgotten but the laughter lasting, though Chick Byrd is determined to make his final night of a curtailed
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Room at the Top

The grass is supposed to be greener on the other side of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Joe Lampton moving from his hometown of Dufton, still bearing the
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Circle of Danger

Six years after the war the dust has settled but questions remain unanswered for Clay Douglas, his younger brother having relocated to Britain to sign up to fight
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Casino Raiders

It is no surprise that a man who regards himself as “Asia’s number one gambler” has an ego, Crab Chan released from prison and picked up by a
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