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Eaten Alive

It’s a hard and unforgiving life in the backwoods of Texas, Clara Wood a naïve girl who has tried her hand as a working girl at Miss Hattie’s
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Spider Baby

It was with gentle diligence and duty, not to mention a measure of justified pride, that family chauffeur Bruno took care of the three children of his employer
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Beyond the Door

An Englishwoman abroad, Jessica Barrett already has her hands full with two young children underfoot, precocious Ken and Gail, living in San Francisco and finding she is expecting
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Joy Wilkes is on a schedule, her ovulation calendar dictating when her dutiful and somewhat resigned husband Harry is to attend to her needs, yet pregnancy has apparently
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The Afterlife Bureau

From Monty Python to Douglas Adams and beyond, there is a long-running and particularly British strand of comedy concerning the inherent exasperation of dealing with bureaucracy and its
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Meatcleaver Massacre

It was a crime with no apparent motive and scant evidence, making it difficult for the police to progress any thorough investigation, Professor Cantrell, a well-liked lecturer in
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It is the farthest continuously manned outpost of humanity, the International Space Station, launched in November 1998 and orbiting around four hundred kilometres above the surface of the
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The Crazies

Evans City set in the green farmland of rural western Pennsylvania where the entire population of the small town and the surrounding areas is below 4,000 people, a
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