Month: February 2015

Project Almanac

“Time Travel. Since my first day on the job as a Starfleet captain I swore I`d never let myself get caught in one of these godforsaken paradoxes –
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The Comedy of Terrors

It opens with a sombre funeral, but as soon as the mourners depart Waldo Trumbull (Vincent Price) and his assistant Felix Gillie (Peter Lorre) of Hinchley and Trumbull’s
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“The Canadian film industry of the 1970s was… rudimentary,” recalls producer Ivan Reitman in one of the interviews accompanying Arrow’s newly restored Blu-ray of Canadian writer/director David Cronenberg’s
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The Killing

With most of Stanley Kubrick’s thirteen feature films now available on Blu-ray, Arrow are plugging the last gap in the list by releasing two of his earliest, The
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Jupiter Ascending

It’s not enough to have a big budget; the major studios love to throw their money around, actively boasting about how much their latest tentpole picture cost as
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Big Hero 6

Many of the best family animated features, no matter how entertaining, feature at their heart a child’s deepest, most fundamental fears. The loss of a parent ranks amongst
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