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The Entity

For most of its lifetime, the horror film has been looked down upon, by sneering critics who saw them as being of little value, by teachers and parents
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When a reboot/remake/reimagining (choose your own variant of cliché) exits the Hollywood studios these days, it is a hard internal struggle to remain open-minded and judge the film
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The Quiet Ones

“Inspired by actual events,” claims the latest release from the revived British studio Hammer without offering any indication of the source or veracity of the groundless statement, the
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Nothing is so reassuring as to the quality of a film as to rename it before releasing it in a new market in the hopes that any previous
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Dark Skies

The opening frames of this film quote the profound wisdom of an acknowledged grand master of science fiction, Sir Arthur C Clarke – “Two possibilities exist: Either we
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The Shining

Successful writers have often featured prominently in the work of Stephen King – the published novelists Ben Mears in ‘Salem’s Lot and Bill Denbrough of It, the poet
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Paranormal Activity 4

“It was a child’s toy, a very small Matchbox vehicle. Rolled seven feet across a linoleum surface. The duration of the event was seven hours.” “Seven hours for what?” “For
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