Wonder Woman trailer – reaction

Wonder_WomansmIt’s one of the most anticipated films of the somewhat crowded superhero genre, and the first trailer was released last weekend at San Diego Comic Con eleven months ahead of the release, though Gal Gadot’s dual identities of Diana Prince and Wonder Woman had already been showcased as a special guest earlier this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

With a history dating back seventy five years to her first appearance in All Star Comics issue 8 in December 1941, Wonder Woman is as iconic an American hero literature as her more cinematically blessed DC colleagues, yet astonishingly her self titled solo feature next summer marks her debut as lead in a motion picture.

Wonder_Woman3Directed by Monster‘s Patty Jenkins, it promises to go back to the origins of the Amazon princess and take her from the island of Themyscira into a war of men in a distant land, with a cast which includes Star Trek Beyond‘s Chris Pine as fighter pilot Steve Trevor, Perfect Sense‘s Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira and The Congress‘ Robin Wright as General Antiope, alongside Shaun of the Dead‘s Lucy Davis, Wrath of the Titans‘ Danny Huston, Snowpiercer‘s Ewan Bremner and Macbeth‘s David Thewlis.

The team have taken a twirl with the trailer and expressed their views…

Wonder_Woman2Dario Persechino – Yes, yes and more yes! Can I have the two hours of my life I spent watching Batman v Superman back so I can just watch this movie in its place?

It is shocking it has taken so long for a Wonder Woman film to come to life, but all signs are positive in the trailer that this will be worth the wait, and Gal Gadot, easily being the best thing in Dawn of Justice, seems more and more perfect as Wonder Woman.

Wonder_Woman1The colours in the outfit look more vibrant than previously shown and that adds a lovely contrast to the wartime action scenes. It does instantly make me think it looks like a female Captain America movie and I am absolutely fine with that! Chris Pine looks to make a brilliant Peggy Carter, and as we know Wonder Woman is fighting with the Justice League many years on, he’s likely to suffer similar romantic troubles with his great love.

While comic relief characters can be hit and miss I think Lucy Davis has the skill to make that role work, her brief moment in the trailer showing off her great delivery. Definitely looking forward to finally seeing Diana Prince on the big screen in her own long overdue movie.

Wonder_Woman4Adam Dworak – So, yet another superhero movie. Another waste of resources, money and talent. Explosions, high kicks and a lack of story hidden behind spandex and bikinis are not what I want.

Hollywood is in the grasp of a lost generation raised by comics, a generation who does not read, who does not know better but audiences deserve better, we deserve proper science fiction with all its unlimited imagination. We need a hero whose super power is to save a good taste!

Wonder_Woman5Michael Flett – It’s a good call from Dario that it looks like a “female Captain America movie,” which I hadn’t realised until he said it, which just goes to show how dumb I am because I only watched it a couple of months ago and it’s staring me in the face. It was only the second time I had seen The First Avenger and I actually enjoyed it more than when I caught it at the cinema.

The director of The First Avenger, Joe Johnston, I knew from The Rocketeer, and he works brilliantly in period; I don’t know Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman, at all, though I’m delighted that finally one of the big studios has to not only put a woman front and centre on screen but also behind the camera in the driving seat. Of course, it’s still written by two men, Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns, both of them comic book writers, but it’s still a step further than Sony were willing to go with Ghostbusters.

Wonder_Woman11The Internet went wild last year when Wonder Woman appeared in the trailer for Batman v Superman and wilder when she appeared on screen when the film came out, then again when this trailer broke at the weekend, and… I’m just not feeling it.

I honestly feel a lot of people are projecting their hopes rather than objectively assessing what we’ve had. She was barely in Dawn of Justice and for the most part her role was functional, and when she actually did become involved in the action it was in the hideous digital overkill finale.

Wonder_Woman6When will filmmakers learn that throwing people around the screen like it was a videogame is neither involving nor interesting? Apparently not yet as she’s doing a lot of ridiculous leaps in this, too, but at least it’s not directed by Zack Snyder this time.

I genuinely feel that the concept of Dawn of Justice was a mistake, that is, the idea was fine in and of itself, it was just too soon. DC are actively competing with what Marvel are doing rather better than them, the difference being that they developed it over the longest time before drawing the pieces together in The Avengers, their sixth film, whereas DC tried to do it in their second.

Wonder_Woman7Superman should have had a film where he could actually demonstrate his ability to be super, because he certainly didn’t get the opportunity in Man of Steel, and the stakes would have been much higher – not to mention the whole thing more streamlined – in Dawn of Justice if both Batman and Wonder Woman had already been established in their own films, and certainly both characters, and Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, deserved the chance to demonstrate their ability to lead rather than play support.

A lot of this trailer is war scenes, but I wonder how many folk twigged that it also opens by recreating a shot from a war film, From Here to Eternity?

Wonder_Woman9Being a first trailer, it’s selling the action and introducing the characters rather than giving us any semblance of plot. We have swords and sandals and bows and arrows and shields and the golden Lasso of Truth, and Gal Gadot certainly channels the iconic appearance of the character, but it’s going to need a bit more storyline than that to satisfy, and nor is their anything in the stylings that makes it look different let alone unique.

The supporting cast includes Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston and David Thewlis, all of whom I have faith in, and Chris in particular will be great as square-jawed comic hero Steve Trevor – he’s certainly had enough practice as Jim Kirk these last few years.

Wonder_Woman10The trailer isn’t selling it for me, but I admit I do want to like this film when it comes out, not just for the girls who deserve to have a hero of their own to look up to and emulate and be inspired by, but because the boys who have acted for too long that the whole superhero genre, indeed most of the fantastic film genre from science fiction to horror, is theirs.

Certainly Wonder Woman is the one time DC are beating Marvel to the punch, Captain Marvel not due until March 2019, so they damn well better do it right.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to be released on 2nd June, 2017




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