Niall Robertson’s Star Wars sculptures made from junk are awesome!

Niall Robertson is, it’s fair to say, a massive Star Wars fan; the tattoos on his right arm are testament to that. He won’t mind me saying this, in fact it says right there on his own blog, “I am a massive Star Wars fan, the tattoos on my right arm a testament to that fact.”

He is also a very talented artist and metalworker and builds really awesome sculptures from everyday household junk.

A quick look through the Sculpting section of his blog reveals skeletons made from spanners, a dragonfly made of bike parts, a turtle with gears for a shell…loads of stuff! But I mentioned his love for Star Wars as it was his incredible R2-D2 and Millennium Falcon Star Wars sculptures which really caught my eye.

He has used parts from old lawnmower engines, an old metal mop bucket, old hinges from cupboards, stop-valves… I reckon he could probably craft a convincing Slave 1 from the contents of my dad’s cellar.

The result of using discarded every day bits and pieces is that his creations often take on a very steampunk look. Indeed, he christened his R2-D2 sculpture, “R2-Steamdude”.

Check out his Star Wars sculptures below and have a look at the rest of his awesome work on his blog at

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